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In Tanzania, the criteria that were filtered out as unavailable are as follows:

  • Protected:
    • International
    • Categories I-VI
    • Uncategorized
  • Forests:
    • Closed evergreen
    • Closed deciduous
    • Montane
  • Crops (cropland > 50%)
  • Wetlands (Mangrove)

The unsuitable areas only correspond to built-ups.

The following social constraints have identified for Tanzania:

Ujiji/Bagamoyo : Several historical sites are scattered across the country on a path going from Ujiji to Bagamoyo on the mainland just opposite Zanzibar.

Mamboya/Kilimatinde : Historical places such as settlements are located in Mamboya (6°48'53.47"S, 36°58'3.57"E) and Kilimatinde (5°51'0.00"S, 34°56'60.00"E).



Wetlands (mangroves) are located on the Indian Ocean coast, opposite the Mafia Island.

In order to easily locate the built-up areas, it is recommended that you zoom in 150% and make the following layers disappear: towns, roads, railroads, perennial rivers, international, categories I-VI, uncategorized, protected, closed evergreen, montane, crops, forests, closed deciduous, cropland > 50%, unavailable.


For more information, please read the 2008 Task Report on Current Land Use Patterns and Impacts.