International Cooperation



South-South Cooperation


The implementation of alternative energy crops and agro forestry schemes has recently gained large interest worldwide, especially in developing countries in Asia and Latin America.


The objective of this work package is to link the project activities in Africa with on-going successful research and demonstration efforts in the field of energy crops and agroforestry systems in Latin America and Asia. This will be achieved by exchanging information, especially learning from initiatives that are directly related to the themes under the COMPETE project. Specific objectives include:


    To document and exchange information on a broad range of issues covering improved agriculture and

    sustainable agro-forestry systems that have been successfully demonstrated / implemented in Asia and Latin


    To identify best practices that have the potential for application in Africa and carry out impact assessment of the

    selected schemes / approaches


    To prepare a draft strategy document for implementation of the best practices in Africa


    This work package also aims to provide effective links with Work Packages (WP) 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7.



COMPETE Reports on South-South Cooperation


- UPDATE: Report on Recommended Best Practices for Africa and Implementation Strategy (pdf-file, 2009)


- Cost-benefit analysis of new energy crop and agroforestry systems in Brazil (pdf-file, 2009)


- Improved Energy Crops and Agroforestry Systems in Mexico including Cost Benefit Analysis

   and Best Practices (Report on Tasks 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4) (pdf-file, 2007)


- Report on Best Practices & Failures from Asia and Latin America (pdf-file)


- Report on Best Practices & Failures from Brazil (pdf-file)


- Report on Best Practices & Failures from China (pdf-file)


- Report on Best Practices & Failures from Thailand (pdf-file)


- Report on Best Practices & Failures from India (pdf-file, 2009)


- Draft Report on best practices, successes and failures in India (pdf-file, 2007)



COMPETE South-South Cooperation Seminars


- COMPETE Seminar and Field Trip to India


- COMPETE Seminar Brazil 'South-South Cooperation'



North-South Cooperation

Furthermore WP4 will be concerned with the transfer of knowledge and technical know-how between developed and developing countries as well as the promotion of joint ventures for common activities in the field of new energy crop and agroforestry systems.


COMPETE Reports on North-South Cooperation


- Report on North-South Cooperation on promissing bioenergy schemes (pdf-file, 2008)


- UPDATE: Report on promotion of knowledge transfer and joint ventures (pdf-file)