Good Practice Projects



In the framework of COMPETE work package 3 on “Sustainability analysis of alternative land use” a set of 12 principles for Good Practices Guidelines for bioenergy initiatives and projects have been elaborated. The principles were selected with the aim to provide a clear and balanced guideline for Good Practices.


- Download: COMPETE Good Practice Principles



The principles described have been included in an Assessment Form to assess a bioenergy initiative or project. The assessment is considered to be done according to basic information given from the initiative or project.



- Download: Good Practice Projects Assessment Form (pdf)


- Download: Good Practice Projects Assessment Form (Excel)




COMPETE Good Practice Assessment – Case Studies

In order to provide aid for the use of the guidelines, a series of examples of current projects or initiatives were assessed according to the principles of these guidelines. These are presented in the Annex and include the following projects:

- India Jatropha electrification initiative of Winrock International India (Ranidehra, Chattisgarh, India)

- Leguruki Village: energy use profile (Leguruki Village, Arusha Region, Tanzania)

- Kilombero Sugar Cane Project (Kilombero, Morogoro Region, Tanzania)

- Bioethanol/bioelectricity plants projects of SEKAB Bioenergy, (Bagamoyo, Tanzania)


- Diligent Tanzania Jatropha oil production, (Monduli-Babati district, Tanzania)