The overall objectives of this Work Package are to:


Identify the existing financing mechanisms that are currently used for energy crop and agroforestry activities with emphasis on carbon financing, multilateral and bilateral donors, and trading and commercial options (a usable inventory of current projects should be made available from Work Packages 1 and 2.)


Provide an overview of the opportunities that exist for financing new and additional energy crop and agroforestry activities in arid and semi-arid Africa (emphasis on financing for sustainable activities as identified in WP3)


Identify the main barriers associated with each financing mechanism (some general barriers to implementation should be identified in WP4)


To identify opportunities and barriers for linking bio-energy production in Africa to international (export) markets, both within the region as to the global market.


Develop a strategy to improve financing for energy crops and agroforestry activities.



COMPETE Reports Financing and Trade


- UPDATE: Practical Guidelines for Investors in Sustainable Bioenergy in Africa (pdf-file)


- UPDATE: Synthesis report on international trade (pdf-file)


- UPDATE: Survey on funding opportunities (pdf-file, 2010)


- UPDATE: Strategy report for improving financing (pdf-file, 2010)


- UPDATE: Information Package on Financing in Africa (pdf-file, 2009)


                    - Bio-Carbon Opportunities in Eastern and Southern Africa (pdf-file, 2009)


                    - Scientific Assessment and Policy Analysis: Can biofuels be sustainable by 2020?(pdf, 2009)


                    - Options for Trading Bioenergy Products and Services (pdf-file, 2009)


- Report on the Effectiveness of current Financing for Energy Crop and Agroforestry Systems (pdf, 2008)


- Task Report on WP5 Activities on Financing of Alternative Land Use and International Trade (pdf, 2007)