South Africa

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In South Africa, the criteria that were Download South Africa Interactive Mapfiltered out as unavailable are as follows:

  • Protected:
    • International
    • Categories I-VI
    • Uncategorized
  • Forest:
    • Closed evergreen
    • Closed deciduous

  • Crops:
  • Cropland > 50%
  • Irrigated Crops
  • 4 criteria were filtered out as unsuitable:

    • Built-up
    • Sandy desert
    • Bare rocks
    • Stony desert


    The following social constraints have identified for South Africa:

    In some parts of the country there have been sporadic mob attacks against migrant workers and families from neighbouring countries, for example in the black townships around Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, such as Masiphumelele. However, since these attacks mostly occured in urban and peri-urban areas, they are not likely to influence investments in bioenergy crop production in South Africa.



    Built-ups are mainly located around Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein.

    In order to easily locate bare rocks areas, (sandy/stony) deserts and irrigated crops, it is recommended that you zoom in 150% and make the following layers disappear: railroads, primary roads, protected, categories I-VI, international, uncategorized, forest, closed evergreen, closed deciduous, crops, cropland > 50%, unavailable, unsuitable, built-up.


    For more information, please read the 2008 Task Report on Current Land Use Patterns and Impacts.