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In Senegal, the criteria that were filtered out as unavailable are as follows:

  • Protected:
    • International
    • Categories I-VI
  • Wetlands:
    • Mangroves
    • Swamp bushland
  • Crops:
    • Cropland > 50%
    • Cropland woody
    • Irrigated crops

3 criteria were filtered out as unsuitable:

  • Built-up
  • Bare rocks
  • Stony desert


The following social constraints have identified for Senegal:

Mgoy, Keur, Mouye, Linguere, Dahra : In northern Senegal, there are several sites consisting of earthen mounds of varying size, which are presumed to be funerary monuments. To find out the exact location of these sites, please refer to 2008 Task Report on Current Land Use Patterns and Impacts .

Kaolack: In this region (N13°41'28", W15°31'21"), there is a UNESCO world heritage site.



  • Mangroves are mainly located by the Senegal riverbanks in the North of St Louis.
  • Swamp bushlands are mainly located all along the Atlantic coast and the Senegal River.
  • Most of the bare rocks and stony desert areas are located around the Guiers Lake in the north of the country.
  • The unsuitable area around Dakar corresponds to built-ups the outskirts of the capital.

In order to easily locate the stony desert, the built-ups and the bare rocks areas in Senegal, it is recommended that you zoom in 150% and make the following layers disappear: towns anno social constraints anno, social constraints, towns, railroads, roads, perennial rivers, international, categories I-VI, protected, mangroves, swamp bushland, wetlands, cropland > 50%, cropland woody, irrigated crops, crops, unavailable.


For more information, please read the 2008 Task Report on Current Land Use Patterns and Impacts.