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The criteria that were filtered out as unavailable are as follows:

  • Protected:
    • International
    • Categories I-VI
    • Uncategorised
  • Cropland > 50%
  • Wetlands (swamp bushland)
  • Forest (closed deciduous)

The criteria that were filtered out as unsuitable are as follows:

  • Built-up
  • Sandy desert

The following social constraints have identified for Botswana:

Maitengwe: This is a boarder area (20° 7'4.08"S, 27°12'56.88"E) where Zimbabwean refugees cross the border.

Mosetse: The Dukwi refugee camp (20°35'0.31"S, 26°24'59.97"E) is located near Mosetse. It welcomes Zimbabwean refugees.

Palapye: An Iron Age settlement site is situated 50 kilometers north of the city Palapye (S22 14, E27 12)

Tsodilo: A 22 square kilometre area containing over 4 500 rock paintings is located on the Hills of Tsodilo (S18 45, E21 48). These hills are now an UNESCO world heritage site.



  • There are few forests in Botswana. These forests are mainly located on the northern boundary with Namibia and in the east close to croplands.
  • Unsuitable areas are very small and scattered in the eastern part of the country.


For more information, please read the 2008 Task Report on Current Land Use Patterns and Impacts.