Iternational Conference: Bioenergy for Sustainable Development in Africa -



Date and Time: 24-25 November 2009

Brussels Belgium


The main objective of this conference is to identify cooperation opportunities between stakeholders and policymakers from European and African countries to contribute to the exploitation of bioenergy resources for sustainable development in African countries.

Recent bioenergy initiatives, programmes and projects in African countries will be presented and discussed with respect to their social, economic and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, partners from the COMPETE project will present lessons learnt on ensuring value creation and sustainability of bioenergy development in Africa in order to:

Exploit the benefits of innovative bioenergy solutions with respect to sustainable rural development and improved livelihoods, increased energy access and income generation, alternative markets for agricultural products, security of energy supply, and diversification of energy sources

Avoid the dangers of negative social and environmental implications , with regards to land competition, land ownership, insufficient value creation for local farmers, and the ‘fuel versus food' debate




COMPETE Conference Programme 24th November


  Presentations COMPETE conference 25th November (click here)!
08:00–09:00 Conference Registration


Opening Session
09:00–09:20 Welcome Address by Representative from the European Commission
Mario Scalet, European Commission, DG RTD, Directorate International
09:20–09:40 Welcome Address by African Representative from the COMPETE Project
Helen Watson, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
09:40–10:00 Welcome Address by the COMPETE Project Co-ordinator
Rainer Janssen, WIP Renewable Energies, Germany
  Session 1: Bioenergy Policy Implementation in African Countries
10:30–11:00 Bioenergy Policy Implementation in Ghana
Wisdom Ahiataku-Togobo, Ministry of Energy, G
11:00–11:30 Bioenergy Policy Implementation Strategies for UEMOA Countries
Mamadou Dianka, Biomass Energy Regional Program, UEMOA, Burkina Faso
11:30–12:00 Bioenergy Policy Implementation in Mozambique
Marcelina Mataveia, Ministry of Energy, Mozambique
12:00–12:30 Policy Initiatives of the SADC Biofuel Task Force
Anna Lerner, GTZ-ProBEC on behalf of SADC Secretariat
  Session 2: Bioenergy Policy Implementation in Europe and Global Initiatives
14:00 – 14:20 The European Renewable Energy Directive
Ewout Deurwaarder, European Commission, Directorate General Energy and
14:20– 14:40 Biofuel Policy Implementation in the United Kingdom
Chris Malins, Renewable Fuels Agency, United Kingdom
14:40 – 15:00 Global Sustainability Standard: The Experience of the Roundtable on
Sustainable Biofuels (RSB)

Sébastien Haye, Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels
15:00 – 15:20 Reducing CO2 Levels – So many ways, so few being taken
Peter Read, Centre for Energy Research, Massey University, New Zealand
  Round Table 1: How to ensure value creation of bioenergy development in Africa?
16:00 – 18:00 Chair Rainer Janssen, WIP Renewable Energies, Germany
Rapporteur Wolfgang Hiegl, WIP Renewable Energies, Germany

N.H. Ravindranath, Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST), Indian
Institute of Science

  Jeremy Woods, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
  Jean-Philippe Denruyter, WWF
  Meghan Sapp, PANGEA (Partners for Euro-African Green Energy), Belgium
  Anna Lerner, GTZ-ProBEC, Mozambique
  Touria Dafrallah, ENDA-TM, Senegal
  Wisdom Ahiataku-Togobo, Ministry of Energy, Ghana
  Lindiwe Sibanda, FANRPAN, South Africa