First COMPETE Meeting




Date and Time: 21/06/2007
Location: Mauritius; Mont Choisy Hotel

This first COMPETE project meeting set the stage for a successful implementation of the Competence Platform on Energy Crop and Agroforestry Systems for Arid and Semi-arid Ecosystems – Africa. This meeting included several keynote presentations on the opportunities of improved land use (energy crops, improved agroforestry systems) for the sustainable production of modern bioenergy services in the African context. Additionally, detailed working plans for the different work packages of the project were elaborated with a special focus on the timing of the workshops/meetings organised in the framework of the COMPETE project.



Wednesday, 20 June 2007




(organized in the framework of ICSU 'International Field Workshop on Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development in Africa', 18-21 June 2007)

to Savannah Factory Expansion & CTSAV Power Plant Project



Thursday, 21. June 2007


  Opening Session

Welcome by Meeting Organizer

Dr Helen Watson


Welcome and Overview of COMPETE project coordinator

Dr Rainer Janssen

  Key Note Address

Key Trends Worldwide in Development of Biodiesel

Mr Werner Koerbitz, ABI, Austria

  Foundation Presentations

Cane Energy for Sustainable Development and Economic Competitiveness in Southern Africa

Mr Francis Johnson, SEI, Sweden


Inherent constraints of southern African soils – implications for sustainable land use

Prof. Giuseppe Ristori, CNR, Italy


New Developments in Bioenergy in Southern Africa

Prof Francis Yamba, CEEEZ, Zambia

10:10-10:30 Coffee Break

Work Packages

(The objectives and activities of each WP will be formally outlined [10 minutes] thereafter we will interact to chart the WP’s work programme)


WP1: Current Land Use Patterns and Impacts

Dr Helen Watson, UKZN, South Africa


WP2: Energy Crops and Agroforestry Systems – Improved Land Use

Dr Veronika Dornburg, UU, The Netherlands


WP3: Sustainability Analysis of Alternative Land Use

Dr. Rocio A. Diaz-Chavez, IC, United Kingdom

12:00-13:00 Lunch

WP4: North-South Cooperation on Promising Bioenergy Schemes

Mr Stephane Senechal, EUBIA, Belgium


WP5: Financing of Alternative Land Use and International Trade

Mr Stephen Mutimba, ESD, Kenya


WP6: Policy Development

Dr Balraj Rajkomar, FANRPAN, Mauritius



Dr Rainer Janssen

15:00-15:20 Coffee Break
15:20-17:00 WPs 1-3 and 4-6 divide into two working groups
17:00-17:20 Synthesis of way forward and interactions between Work Packages 1-3
17:20-17:40 Synthesis of way forward and interactions between Work Packages 4-6

Summary and Way Forward

Dr Rainer Janssen