First COMPETE Workshop


on Improved Energy Crop and Agroforestry Systems for Sustainable Development in Africa




Date and Time: 22/06/2007

Mauritius; Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute (M.S.I.R.I.)


The main objective of this workshop is to evaluate opportunities of improved land use (energy crops, improved agroforestry systems) for the sustainable production of modern bioenergy services in the African context.

Special emphasis will be given to mechanisms ensuring the economic, social and environmental sustainability of future bioenergy production and use, as well as the development of innovative financing tools and practical, targeted and efficient policies.






08:00-8:30 Workshop Registration

Opening Session


Workshop Inauguration Address

Dr. Jairaj Ramkissoon, Director General, Food and Agriculture Research Council (FARC), Mauritius


Welcome Address by the Mauritian Host Organisation

Dr. Jean Claude Autrey, Director, Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute


The EC Project COMPETE – Activities and Results

Dr. Rainer Janssen, COMPETE Project Co-ordinator, WIP, Germany


ICSU Sustainable Energy Activities in Africa

Dr. Janine Chantson, ICSU Regional Office for Africa


Session 1


Improved Land Use – Energy Crops, Agroforestry Systems and the Provision of Energy Services for Sustainable Development in Africa

Chairs: Dr. Romeela Mohee, University of Mauritius and Prof. Giuseppe Ristori, CNR, Italy


Sugar Cane and Sweet Sorghum Production Expansion Potential in Southern Africa

Dr. Helen Watson, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


Experiences and Status-quo of Sweet Sorghum Cultivation in Zambia

Prof. Francis Yamba, CEEEZ, Zambia

10:15–10:40 Coffee Break

Agroforestry as a Potential Alternative for Marginal Lands under Sugarcane in Mauritius for Environmental Sustainability and Energy

Dr. Vinod Lalljee, University of Mauritius


Experiences and Status-quo of Jatropha Cultivation in Southern Africa

Prof. Donald Kgathi, University of Botswana


New and Specific Oils for Biodiesel Production – Non-food Oilseed Crops for Semi-arid Regions

Werner Koerbitz, Austrian Biofuels Institute


Sustainable Charcoal and Wood Energy Production

Stephen Mutimba, Energy for Sustainable Development Africa, Kenya


Discussion Round: Biomass for Energy - Opportunities and Challenges for Africa

Moderators: Prof. Francis Yamba, CEEEZ, Zambia; Manfred Woergetter, FJ-BLT, Austria

12:45–14:00 Lunch Break

Session 2


Sustainability, Climate Change and Supportive Policy Frameworks


Chairs: Prof. Gavin Fraser, University of Fort Hare, South Africa;

Mr. Balraj Rajkomar, Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network, Mauritius


The Potential of Sweet Sorghum as Source of Fermentable Substrates

Dr. Elias Peloewetse, University of Botswana

14:20–14:40 Sustainability of Bioenergy Production in Africa: Prerequisite or Trade Barrier?
Dr. Rocio Diaz-Chavez, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Necessity of a Legal Framework and Government Guidelines for the Production of Energy Crops in Africa

Michael Madjera, Federation of Evangelical Churches in Central Germany


Policies and Strategies for Sustainable Energy Crop and Agroforestry Systems in Africa

Stanford Mwakasonda, Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town, South Africa


Discussion Round: Ensuring Sustainable Bioenergy Production in Africa

Moderators: Dr. Njeri Wamukonya, UNEP, Kenya; Estomih Sawe, TaTEDO, Tanzania

15:40–16:00 Coffee Break

Session 3


International Cooperation and Trade


Chairs: Mamadou Dianka, UEMOA-PRBE, and Stephane Senechal, EUBIA


Biofuel and Biomass Development and Utilisation in China

Prof. Ju Hui, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences


Biodiesel Initiatives in India – Problems and Prospects

Varghese Paul, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India


Sustainable International Bioenergy Markets

Dr. Veronika Dornburg, Copernicus Institute, Utrecht University, The Netherlands


Discussion Round: Opportunities of International Cooperation and Trade

Moderators: Dr. Kingiri Senelwa, MOI University, Kenya

Dr. Francis Johnson, Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden

  Workshop Closing
17:20–17:40 Summary and Conclusion
Dr. Helen Watson, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Dr. Rainer Janssen, COMPETE Project Co-ordinator, WIP, Germany